SgtbilkoState Rep. Mark Cohen writes he will miss retiring State Rep. Bill Rieger. Maybe Cohen can visit him in that house on Rising Sun Ave. that legions of Inky types have staked out over the years in vain hopes of finding the longest-serving Democrat in Pa. legislative history. In 40 years, he never gave a speech on the floor. Perhaps at either house.

As of 7:27 a.m. looks like I was the only Soprano's fan wondering about the Ashkenoozy.

Who Killed The Electric Car? Big Oil? The White House? General Motors, a Sony Pictures Classics movie contends.

Ace of Spades wonders why liberal bloggers didn't write much about the Toronto terror arrests.

Bald and beautiful and back: Get your ration of Sgt. Bilko on the 50th anniversary DVD of The Phil Silvers Show.

Do you know where to find Sudan? Take the Geography Literacy test. We were 7/7, but any wrong answer and they would have revoked my khaki vest.

As soccer fans from around the world head to Germany, the New York Times has advice for Brits:  Don't mention the war! Or wear those fake little mustaches. Or do those cute salutes. No goosestepping either.

Above Average Jane (who often sends me helpful copy editing ideas, captioned "Red Pencil") asked on her site what a blogger's responsibility is in the electorial system: "other than voting, what is our part of the bargain? What should we be doing during campaign season? If our candidates are elected, then what? Do we just sit around until the next election?" Lots of good responses here. Such as that of Howard Hall, who wrote at The Smedley Log:

we, as a public, have become so easy to fool. We pay little attention to the matters that affect our lives beyond the immediate concerns, even though those same nebulous matters tend to become more immediate concerns when ignored.

Worse, we authorize proxies to think for us, whether they be news commentators, political parties or even bloggers. It brings to mind something a teacher of mine once said: "When someone offers you the Cliff’s Notes for Shakespeare, do yourself a favor and read the play anyway." Politics should be approached the same way.

Posted 06/05/2006 09:55:01 AM

I didn't see anyone on the right blogging about the terrorist captured right in South Jersey: "A mother accused of threatening several students Wednesday at Mary Bray Elementary School in Mount Ephraim was charged yesterday with making terrorist threats, authorities said. Denise Gallagher's child has had problems with other students at the school, authorities said. An adult witness told school officials that she had heard Gallagher, 35, say she was going to "kill all those kids one by one." Officials locked down the school and kept students inside for recess and gym until Gallagher was arrested at home, said James P. Lynch, acting Camden County prosecutor." Nothing about it on Drudge, nothing on Istapundit, nothing on the Note. Maybe these terrorist threats have lost some of their effect after years of being trivialized by the Bush Administration. If this Canadian threat was so serious, why hasn't the White House upped the DHS Terror Level, or do they only do that when we get closer to Election Day? Ace might want to ask look into that, once he/she gets out of the duct tape aisle.

Posted 06/05/2006 11:09:23 AM

Dan, Thanks for the mention. I thought people had some really interesting things to say on the topic. It is something to think about. The "red pencil" tagline is to differentiate those emails from my usual drivel. ;)

Sally Swift
Posted 06/05/2006 11:16:41 AM

"As of 7:27 a.m. looks like I was the only Soprano's fan wondering about the Ashkenoozy." It occurred to me you were spelling phonetically (you do sound Just like Tony), so I tried alternate spellings and found one: Technorati Search, which led to Planck's Constant: Sopranos Episode 77. I guess it takes one to know one.

Posted 06/05/2006 11:49:57 AM

Here's to hoping that the ending to this "season" is a calm before the storm type thing. This season ends as the family is nestled around the fire place with christmas music on in the background. It all comes crashing down next season in a torrid ending to the series when both families are torn apart. Or maybe we just spend 6 episodes finding out Carmela is a lesbian, er, born again. What's up with AJ going from piece of shit teenager to family man in about half an episode? I'm not buying it.

Tom Goodman
Posted 06/05/2006 01:36:06 PM

Worst Soprano season by bar. Tony eats sushi. Yeah, right. Not even so much as crack about bait. A.J. swears revenge. No, don't tell me; he's becoming his father. Christopher gets married on an impulse. Sure, just as long as he doesn't have to change the diapers. Junior is institutionalized for carrying out the threats of season number one. Hey, where is the continuity person when we need him/her? Bobby marries the man-eating Janice and immediately she bears him a child. What, no shower scene (as in baby, not Janet Leigh...yet).

Daniel Rubin
Posted 06/05/2006 02:28:40 PM

I already miss the Johnnycakes.

Daniel Rubin
Posted 06/05/2006 02:40:09 PM

And good scholarship on the 'uzi.' that site you found goes into very fine detail, doesn't it?

Posted 06/06/2006 03:37:01 AM

Wow, that Cliff's Notes line looks so much better on your site, Dan. Makes me wish I could remember the name of the instructor who used to say it...