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The Starwood chain, no doubt taken by stories of how many pilgrims find themselves delayed and denied at Philadelphia International Airport, decided to build a Gen X-friendly loft-style hotel there by 2007, complete with wireless everything and a happening lounge scene. A Starwood release says, "The aloft hotels brand will revamp the staid same-old, polyester scenario with stylish accommodations for business and leisure travelers."

First Northern Liberties. Now Island Ave.

The Illladelph suggests that those who came up with the idea of building an aloft Hotel by the airport "work on finding some new talent for prospecting locations in Philly -- and make a permanent note to self that the airport is not one of the city's flashier neighborhoods." The blogger would sooner recommend a visitor stay at the Holiday Express Midtown than anywhere near the airport.

Philadelphia Will Do, headlining its take with "Hip New Hotel Complete With Refinery, Planes, Swamp," observes it's better than the Hilton built atop a garage at 10th & Filbert.

Philebrity captions its post, "Look Honey, Chocolate On The Pillow And It Says here There's A Place Right Nearby Called 'The Purple Orchid,' You Love Orchids!" We're impressed at Phileb's research skills, because we'd never heard of the Web site they link.

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