Dual Power

Img_0913 Similar theme to lots of Monday Morning Quarterbacking on the Eagles victory over Cincinnati -- especially regarding the home team's first play from scrimmage, a TD bomb from Donovan McNabb to Terrell Owens, who aren't speaking, as you may have heard.

First two non-sports bloggers. Like Like Weeds, in "T.O.: I Hated You, Now I Love You," writes:

All the weeks of preseason frustration wiped away in seconds. I guess the quarterback and wide receiver don’t need to talk to each other to play the game. Hey, whatever works.

Matt in The Tattered Coat concludes of Owens:

He’s an insane, ego-maniacal jerk, but the man can play football.

For The Birds puts it this way:

"Everybody’s happy how the Eagles offense picked up right where it left off last year with T.O. back in the lineup, but … But, and you know everyone’s thinking it, when will the other shoe drop? Will it be the first time Owens opens his mouth in public again? Or after McNabb has a bad game? We don’t know, but you really can’t believe T.O. had some kind of epiphany during that week off that will keep him flying under the radar off the field all season long. You just can’t."

Can you be a championship team when your quarterback and wide receiver aren't talking?

As T.O. and McNabb were deep in their separate celebrations, I wondered. And then, I wondered what sort of advertising campaign could bring them back together - it's clear T.O. could use the revenue source. I'm not sure why I think like this - why when Maria Sharapova won Wimbleton and fumbled with her cell phone to call her mother at center court, I imagined a mob of mobile phone companies pitching their signal strength to her agent.

T.O. and D-Mac  doing "Can You Hear Me Now" commercials is too easy. I asked my wife, and she returned with a bottle I'd never seen before. Something to use in the laundry room.

Spray 'n Wash with Dual Power.

Its two ingredients, Spray 'N Wash and Oxi Action, are different colors and kept in separate chambers. They pour separately to fight tough stains. And when they interact, "a highly visible fizzing action is created, signifying the powerful formula is activated."

Still working on a winning slogan.

Any other bright ideas?

Sally Swift
Posted 08/28/2005 11:24:48 PM

Heave and Ho ... It might make you sick but it gets the job done.