Fight! Fight! II

Bill_and_phil Bill O'Reilly v Phil Donahue.

Heavyweight mouth-off.

Crooks and Liars  and Newshounds are all over it. C & L has links to the 8-minute video. Newshounds has the transcript. They scream. They point. They make some points. They question each other's patriotism.  They call each other names. They fight for the last word.

"Loud doesn't mean right!" screams Phil. But it makes good blog fodder.

Good weekend, y'all.

Posted 09/23/2005 12:51:12 PM

i saw it last night on the Factor, they re-aired it. oh man was that priceless. o'reilly was shaking he was so mad. hopefully i'll run into old Phil in DC at the march, i'd like to shake his hand.

Posted 09/23/2005 01:18:53 PM

O'Reilly did the screaming and pointing.

Posted 09/23/2005 02:50:15 PM

Go Phillies and EAGLES!!! My Friday post is about Google... so I'm a nerd :)

Posted 09/23/2005 03:55:51 PM

I didn't watch it but I'd liken watching those two to the way i am when Miami plays Florida State or when the Cowboys play the Giants and I'd just root for injuries.

ping: Bill OReilly Out-Bullied (by, of all persons, Phil Donohue -->
Posted 09/23/2005 08:07:45 PM

is the true wearer of the mantle of Joe Pyne. Whenever Joe was losing an argument, he would start shouting, I was in the Marines! and drown out his guests and callers. Bill, of course, just keeps shouting. Apparently, he wasnt ...

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