Helluva Job, Brownie

Brownie Looking around for the snarkiest comments after the reports (via Crooks and Liars and Atrios) that former FEMA flubber Michael Brown has been awarded a consultant job, evaluating the government's response to Hurricane Katrina.

All Spin Zone wins:

The Bush team is thinking of bringing on Jack Abramoff to rewrite some campaign finance laws next week. Bringing on Raphael Palmiero as the leader in the war on Drugs is a rumor, last I heard.

I have no desire to subvert the New York Times "Select," subscription model, but for you to read columnist Paul Kluman's "Find the Brownie" column, you might have to click here.

(Picture is of a horse named Brownie, not a reference to Brown's former, former job.)

Citizen Mom
Posted 09/27/2005 12:26:58 PM

Perhaps a photo of the horse's other end might be more fitting. Meow!

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