PhillipswannHere's something you don't see every day -- a boob tube meister dissing one deliciously Desperate Housewife. Check out TV Predictions' annual best- and worst-looking celebrities viewed on High Definition Television.

It starts with the comeback queen, Teri Hatcher, who ranks No. 1 on the WORST-LOOKING extreme close-up list.  Phillip Swann, the Web site's president, writes "the high definition TV picture is so clear that aging signs and skin imperfections are dramatically visible."

"You've got to be kidding," my wife pipes in as I read this to her."She's gorgeous. What about those people on Six Feet Under?" After Teri comes Demi and Le Donald. No argument.

HDTV Hotties? Jessica Alba, the sharper the sweeter. Eva Longoria? Watching the Emmys, Swann notices her skin "was creamy; her eyes a rich deep chocolate and the plunging neckline of her dress evoked the joys of strawberries." Somebody feed this guy. Anna Kournikova and Ben Affleck follow.

So what does Swannie look like? ("Ma, he's not a river" - Benjie Stone to his mother in My Favorite Year.)

That's him in the picture. Feh. I prefer Trump.


Not sure how I missed this one, but Friday an Iowa TV weatherman has turned in his pointer. He's the one who blamed Hurricane Katrina on the Japanese mafia. Scott Stevens believes it is possible to create and control storms using a Cold War-era weapon allegedly made by the Russians in 1976.He said nothing about Rita being the work of Mossad. Stevens's site.


The Rupert Murdoch of the Blogosphere profiled.


How to re-imagine New Orleans? Jeff Jarvis at Buzzmachine wants a competition among university programs and industry innovators, and maybe Rudy could play the political cheerleader:

And we need big thinking that is unafraid to ask the hard questions and come up with imaginative answers. Perhaps New Orleans should be a new planned community. Or it should be all but abandoned and its residents helped with relocation elsewhere. Or it should finally go all the way and become the Vegas of the South with entertainment, food, gambling, and conventions at its core. Or turned into an economic development zone that creates opportunities where so few existed. Or what?

At a local blog that's new to me, Inventilation, Max Mastellone of Gloucester County, NJ, says President Bush ought to create an FDR-style public works project to save the city and help his own reputation.


Hey brother can you spare a dime for Iraq? Apparently not.


Wonkette on Drudge on Sheehan: "Guys! Guys! Can't we all get along?

And, Blinq on

That Dude
Posted 09/28/2005 08:26:09 AM

Hatcher is NOT beautiful anymore, she hit the wall.

Daniel Rubin
Posted 09/28/2005 08:52:53 AM

dude, you sure you're not sitting too close to your TV?

Posted 09/28/2005 11:33:09 AM

i'm a fan of the hatcher of slightly yore when she was on that superman show and as citra [sp?] on seinfeld. then were the dark years of the horrible short hair on radio shack commercials. ::shudder::

That Dude
Posted 09/28/2005 03:59:32 PM

Trust me D-Rub, she aint hawwt anymore.