Today's The Day For DeLay

A grand jury to determine whether to indict U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLDelayay today? The Austin American-Statesman is reporting just that. Attribution: "several lawyers" involved in the case. Article says:

Wednesday's secret vote by the grand jury could mark the end of a three-year investigation into whether DeLay and his Republican and business allies illegally spent corporate money to help elect a Republican majority to the Legislature in 2002. In turn, state lawmakers drew congressional districts urged by DeLay that gave Texas Republicans more clout in Washington.

AP has a similar report. Says conspiracy charges to be considered as panel concludes its business today.


Yes. Indicted on a conspiracy charge. Here's the Knight Ridder lead from this afternoon:

A Texas Grand Jury indicted House Majority Leader Tom DeLay Wednesday, forcing one of the most powerful Republicans in the government from his post.

The single criminal charge accused him and two associates of conspiring to circumvent Texas election laws in what turned out to be a successful campaign to win control of the Texas state House way from Democrats.

DeLay angrily denied the charge he said stemmed from a political vendetta against him. ``I am innocent,’’ DeLay said. ``I have done nothing wrong.’’

NYT piece here.

That Dude
Posted 09/28/2005 03:58:00 PM

I've never been the biggest Delay fan, but if u read the indictment on SKgun it doesn't actually show that Delay did anything. Unless there is something else the prosecuter is holding back on something, nothing here will stick.