Friday Flicks

Shining It's Friday afternoon somewhere, so let's go to the video.

Three winners. First, via Matt of the Tattered Coat, is this sickly brilliant, brilliantly sick subversion of The Shining. It was a contest: Take bits from a film and recut them to completely change the movie's meaning.

Hint: It still is scary, but in a totally different way.

Second, Opera Dude by Tokyo Plastic. Strangely beautiful, and visa versa. An animation. The percussion alone would make an unusual ringtone.

Last, an oldie but goodie: With Anna Nicole Smith headed for the highest court in the land - no this is not what the president means when he talks about diversity, her inheritance case against her late hubby's kin will be heard - it's a shame she doesn't get to represent herself. She could deliver no more compelling performance than that "like my body?" classic of gin gibberish from the American Music Awards in 2004.