Righty Slugger

Sluggingsam Balls, Sticks & Stuff declares Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito unsuitable based on the fact he attended a Phillies fantasy camp in 1994.

Writes long-suffering blogger Tom Goyne:

Now, remember who was on the Phillies roster in 1994?...I'm efforting to determine if Alito accepted financial advice from Lenny Dykstra...

Earlier the site called into question Alito's fitness based on what loyalty to the Philadelphia's baseball 9 did to one's mental health.

If Judge Samuel Alito is approved by the Senate to join the Supreme Court, it certainly will need God's saving.  But it's not because of his ideology or record of past judicial decisions, but because it seems the man is a Phillies fan, and after all, how can a man who carries around such inner turmoil cast a vote on the weighty matters that come before the Court?  Surely his mind and heart are too compromised at this point to render rational judgments.

Tacony Lou
Posted 11/13/2005 06:38:01 PM

So long as Alito refuses to name job-seeking Ed Wade as a clerk, he should do fine in D.C. Come to think of it, that 93-94 Phillies crew were a buncha leftists anyhow, so it just goes to show ya the dude can hang with the liberals. So long as Wade doesn't need an abortion.

Posted 11/14/2005 04:06:01 PM

His Phillies ties were the only thing he had going for him...made him seem pretty human.

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