Blog Scoop?

Seth Young Philly Politics breaking some news? They are if this turns out to be true.

The progressive site reports that Seth Williams will be appointed Philadelphia's Inspector General today. Williams is a former assistant prosecutor who ran against DA Lynne Abraham in the Democratic primary last spring and attracted a following among many bloggers.

What's the job? YPP mines this bit of legal desciption:

The OIG is operationally independent and is the designated, centralized office with authority to investigate criminal and/or integrity-related complaints of fraud, corruption, and abuse in all departments, quasi-governmental agencies under the Mayor's jurisdiction, and any contractors/consultants receiving City funds. The OIG also provides investigative expertise to any agency/authority requesting assistance.

YPP's Daniel Urevick-Ackelsberg sounds jazzed: "In other words, Seth will responsible for making sure Philly is cleanly run. I cannot think of a better choice. This is a testament to how well he ran his campaign, and the future he has in this City."

(photo courtesy of Philadelphia Weekly)