Fight! Fight! III

Woof_1 Will_2 Bow Wow disses Will Smith. Tells XXL Magazine he  "did his litttle rap thing first." But the Philly-reared star "wasn't like a real rapper. He was more like a gimmick.... With me, I'm a rapper. I ain't with the whole colorful cornball-type things. That's just my style."

Tim Price at the DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince blog sends it back to the young dog:

Will wasn t a real rapper huh? Bow Wow wasn t even born when Will was freestyling rocking house parties with Jeff in Philly back in 1985. Bow Wow s statements do nothing for the ignorance of todays youth. Things came easy for Will? Umm, I don t think so. Will Smith worked damn hard to get where he is today. He paved the way for untalented hacks like Bow Wow to even exist. Will had to overcome some major obstacles too, like unsuccessful albums, and owing the IRS a million dollars in unpaid tax. Will is still here 20 years later releasing Gold albums and smash hits at the Box Office. The Fresh Prince is more of a rapper than Bow Wow will ever be, the kid needs to learn his ol skool, and step the hell off.