Good For The Soul

Phone Not sure why, but a couple pieces here have generated a lot of personal mail - pieces in which I tell how:

1.) I was such an aggressively bad hockey player that I once fanned on a breakaway, fell on the puck, and slid pathetically toward the goalie.

2.) I got beaten up in ninth grade. And lived to get even.

Some readers wrote in with their own sad little tales, all of which were hilarious to read now there's some distance from them.

With that in mind, the technical guru here thought we might be able to free up a phone line for something called The Blinq Confessional. It will be anonymous. It will have to. Please don't confess any murders. Tell something that will feel good to release, something that might be enlightening/entertaining for others to hear.

If you're game, call 215-854-2222. We'll edit it down if necessary, and take out any names. No names. We don't have caller ID on voice mail, so we won't be stalking you. We'll start posting audio entries here later on Tuesday.

The Blinq Confessional is open for business.

OK, We have a phone call! Click here to hear it.

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