The Art of the Moment

Featuring the personal blog essay today, or the mini-memoir. Have read a handful so far this morning. Will keep adding.

First, a brush with greatness. Blogger Sally Swift recalls her Woodward and Bernstein moments. An ex-journo, she was partly responsible for the care and feeding of Bernstein in particular, and recalls the change in him as he dug deeper into Watergate. The best, saved for last: his encounter, after publication of All The President's Men, with the Smothers Brothers.

Joe Tornatore, Jersey blogger and social worker, jots down the story of our times to yet-unborn great grandchildren. You can expect introspection at a site called Freudian Slips. And lines like: "Ebay is a perpetual worldwide on-line yard sale where you can buy anything from raccoon semen to a grilled cheese sandwich resembling the Virgin Mary. Great Grandpa has never bought raccoon semen and I remain a Doubting Thomas that virgins on fried food are sacred."

Anonymous Rowhouse describes what it's like playing piano when one tends to approach things obsessively-compulsively: "The OCD brain is like a little special train yard where all the engines are lined up with precision and perfectly shined, but rats keep chewing all the wires and it barely ever stops raining, and the engineer is always late for work and smells like bologna sandwiches."

Marisa from Apartment 2024 wonders if that dollar she gave the lady on the street will use the money to take Septa home or buy a bottle or baggie that will take her to another world. She trusts her internal gauge.

Pink Lemonade Diva goes from the profane to the sacred, starting with a review of her poor skin-care practices before tackling deeper applications: "The hardest part about serving a life sentence is not knowing how to change."

Pax Romano reminds that it is World AIDS Day by recalling three who have left: "There was J, this talented guy that I knew (when he was only 18 years old, he played John Merrick in a production of The Elephant Man at his college) he was only 22 when he was taken down ..."

Posted 12/01/2005 05:08:54 PM

Hey Dan, thanks for the nod, you made my day!

Daniel Rubin
Posted 12/01/2005 05:20:34 PM

I identified with your sidewalk intuition. It often leaves me poorer and richer.

Posted 12/01/2005 05:26:25 PM

Thank you, Dan!