ESPN Likes Eagles to Place

S3664 ESPN is picking the Philadelphia Eagles as the second-best team in the NFL, one spot behind the team that bested them in the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots. In their pre-season Power Rankings, the network's football gurus don't worry too much about whether the Eagles's star receiver suffers from bruised feelings.

The Terrell Owens saga obviously will continue to be the big story in Philly. Owens can certainly be a headache, but there's also no doubting his talent -- nor that the Eagles are a better team with him on the field.

Surprise: ESPN prognosticators see the Moss-less Vikings as worthy of fourth place. They like new defenders Pat Williams, Fred Smoot, Sam Cowart and Darren Sharper.

In case you missed it, guess who is on the cover of Madden 2006?

Where the most talk about T.O.? Checkout a thread at Igglephans called  "If McNabb thinks the Eagles should be able to win it all without T.O., the Eagles should just cut T.O."

Posted 05/18/2005 06:36:18 AM

Eeeg -- Donovan on the madden cover is bad news:

Posted 05/18/2005 01:23:00 PM

Don't believe the cover jinx. Ray Lewis had a solid year when he was on the cover. And I think ESPN hit the nail on the head with Pats/Eagles as 1/2. Until someone can knock them down, they are the champs.