Hertfordshires on Parade

Sabre Back in Louisville, that Oz with bourbon, we looked at our friends across the Ohio River as being a little backward, which is why a reporter friend named Hunt Helm maintained a folder captioned: Hoosiers on Parade. It was filled with examples of Indiana men getting into bowling accidents, or bludgeoning loved ones with bowling balls, and my favorite was about a Hoosier hunter shot in the foot by a rabbit. Yup, the rabbit was dead and sacked, and it somehow got its foot jammed into the trigger of the hunter's rifle. So I have always loved bizarre accident stories. Met my wife over a piece I did on a guy who hatcheted his mother-in-law after mistaking her for a large raccoon, but that is another posting.

We have a classic entry folks, from across the sea. It has a Star Wars theme. Seems a bloke and his young lady friend were filming a mock duel with light sabers in Herfordshire. Only they had poured some sort of fuel into the two glass tubes and ignited them. Exploded. Would be funnier if they were not in critical condition.

joe tornatore
Posted 05/28/2005 01:02:02 AM

That is when the force is not with you! freudianslipsincreativewriting.blogspot.com I came by way of Pax Romano and the controversary. You have a nice Blog, Daniel. I like your writing style. Does Will Van Sant still work at the Inquirer? He did a human interest story on me a few years ago.

Daniel Rubin
Posted 05/28/2005 01:33:57 AM

don't remember will, but i don't remember a lot who blew through. have bookmarked your blog. thanks for letting me know. dan

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