Even We Enjoy More Trust Than This

Good news for Philadelphia officials: Two out of 10 city residents actually trust you to "do the right thing" more often than not. The bad news: the other 8 Usnewselection14ph assume you'll do the wrong thing. This slap down comes from an IssuesPA/Pew poll released today by the Pennsylvania Economy League.

Some numbers: Nearly six in ten Philadelphians said they trusted government only some of the time. Another two said they could never trust the local government. Statewide, the trust rate was more than twice as high as in the city. In Philadelphia's suburbs (PA side) even higher: nearly half (47 percent) said they trusted their government almost always or most of the time.

The non-profits doing the polling concluded the recent high-profile corruption trials had something to do with Philly's official untrustworthiness. Ya think?

Some words:

In every region of the state, over eighty percent of residents surveyed said that large political contributions were used to buy special favors. Across a variety of options, with the exception of public funding of campaigns, Philadelphians support a range of approaches to reform campaign finances and lobbying; however, they are somewhat less likely than their suburban neighbors in Southeastern PA, or citizens across the state, to support a variety of limits on campaign finances and lobbyists.

Posted 05/31/2005 10:20:47 PM

We can do something about this; next time we vote for a Mayor, let's hire somebody who'll be a good manager and will uphold high ethical and professional standards.

Posted 09/04/2006 09:44:15 PM

Philadelphia is a great city but the politics are still part of the old world. If you are looking for real information on Philly you must walk the streets of the city and findout for yourself

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