Live 8 Announced. Needs Help

00000914_live8_smal_llogo Awaited word eagerly. Then the names started trickling out, those signed on to play the free Live 8 show on the Ben Franklin Parkway July 2 ... Will Smith. Jay-Z. P. Diddy. Bon Jovi. Dave Matthews. Stevie Wonder. Maroon 5.

Is Fabian still alive?

It's going on in at five cities at once, in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and here, all benefitting famine relief in Africa. It'll be called Live 8, as in G8. Sir Bob Geldof, then just the head Boomtown Rat who organized the original Live Aid 20 years ago at London's Wembley Stadium and Philadelphia's JFK Stadium, is again putting things together.

Is Chubby free?

What did we get here last time? Joan Baez, the Hooters, the Four Tops, Billie Ocean, Black Sabbath, Run DMC, Rick Springfield, REO Speedwagon,  Crosby Stills & Nash, Judas Priest,  Bryan Adams, the Beach Boys,  George Thorogood, Simple Minds, the Pretenders, Santana, Ashford & Simpson with Teddy Pendergrass, Madonna, Tom Petty, Kenny Loggins, the Cars, Neil Young, Power Station, Eric Clapton, The Thompson Twins, Phil Collins, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, Patti Labelle, Hall & Oates, Mick Jagger and Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Ron Wood and Keith Richards.

Ok, folks. There's room on this bill for a whole lot more.  A dozen and a half acts, maybe. Let's help them with suggestions.

By the way, our friend Attytood over there at the Fab Tab has come to a similar conclusion.

That Dude from Philly
Posted 05/31/2005 10:59:32 AM

maybe a reformed Van Halen (DLR version).

Dickie Thon
Posted 05/31/2005 11:08:12 AM

Radiohead, Paul Green School of Music, The Roots, Beastie Boys

Milt Thompson
Posted 05/31/2005 11:10:51 AM


Steve Jeltz
Posted 05/31/2005 11:13:08 AM

Motley Crue

Sherri W.
Posted 05/31/2005 11:46:14 AM

Common. Alicia Keys. Amos Lee. The Killers. And a hearty "second!" for Dickie's suggestions of Paul Green School and The Roots.

Citizen Mom
Posted 05/31/2005 11:53:12 AM

I'm still sick over missing the first Live Aid. There I was, all of 13 years old, sitting on the beach in Cape May cursing myself for not being at JFK. Anyway, you know there can't be a concert anywhere in Philly without Patti LaBelle, so that goes without saying. Hall and Oates would be good, too, to bring the Philly flava. I'd like to see Bruce (duh), They Might Be Giants, the Pixies, Beck, REM, Ben Folds, Franz Ferdinand.

Posted 05/31/2005 12:19:45 PM

Audioslave, Beck, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, anybody but P-didddy

Posted 05/31/2005 12:21:36 PM

Audioslave, Beck, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, and bob dylan

Posted 05/31/2005 12:24:29 PM

Opening: Audioslave, Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver Van Halen Dave Matthews Band Will Smith Rolling Stones U2 Bruce Springsteen

That Dude from Philly
Posted 05/31/2005 12:46:35 PM

I read today that Geldof is not allowing the Spice Girls to perform since they aren't a "political act". Now that I even remotely care about their music, but it reminds me of why I hate the type of acts who are damn pretentiously arrogant and smug. If he reallty cared about raising money he'd have them there, they'd generate tons of pub.

shawn coombs
Posted 05/31/2005 12:55:53 PM

i remmeber Live Aid more from the DVD but i do remember the traffic from it. anyway i was like eight yeears old then. now i get a chance...w00-who!!!!!! Lets add the BRUCE "BOSS" SPRINGSTEEN and the E-STREETERS for starter. Remember he didnt play the first gig only donated the stage in philly , thanks for that bruce how bout coming out and playing. bring back HALL AND OATES as well as the HOOTERS, a little MOTLEY CRUE( I believe there in Allentown around the time),VAN HALEN would be nice (forgetabout DLR its Sammys time all the way), hey DEF LEP and BRYAN ADAMS are in the area, the FOO FIGHTERS, BECK, how bout another reuniterd TWISTED SISTER show Dee? how bout GREEN DAY, AUDIOSLAVE, BOB DYLAN, TOm PETTY, JOHN MELLENCAMP\\ the setlesst are endless come on bands dont let england get the best of us. we got something to say and accourding to them we are all loud and obnoctuious(fix spelling latter) show lets show them we truely are by just rocking out loud

Posted 05/31/2005 01:37:57 PM

Does this city screw up everything??? A better lineup w/ mass appeal would have been: The Roots Outkast Jay Z (w/ Linkin Park) Beastie Boys The Pixies Dave Matthews Band Bruce Springsteen Van Halen (DLR)

Posted 05/31/2005 01:49:00 PM

Dave Matthews talked about the whole point of this being outreach over the issue of African debt relief. Yeah, I just can't wait to stand for hours in the midday sun on the Parkway with a million other people, to be lectured at by Dave Matthews. Rock OUT man!

That Dude from Philly
Posted 05/31/2005 02:43:17 PM

"Yeah, I just can't wait to stand for hours in the midday sun on the Parkway with a million other people, to be lectured at by Dave Matthews. Rock OUT man!" I LOVE that statement. F Dave Matthews.

Dickie Thon
Posted 05/31/2005 03:24:29 PM

i cant believe i forgot the boss. springsteen and the e street band must show up.

Posted 05/31/2005 03:25:43 PM

all the suggestions sound great definitely bring back Hall & Oates Hooters Bruce the Roots how about Bowie The Pretenders Bonnie Raitt so many more ...

von hayes
Posted 05/31/2005 04:55:56 PM

Assuming that I can't steal any of the bands that are already playing in London ... Pearl Jam, Stones, Roots, Bruce, Black Star. And it can't be Live Aid without Hall & Oates

Posted 05/31/2005 05:29:55 PM

In typical Philly fashion everyone is complaining about this concert instead of embracing the national notoriety it will bring our sometimes "forgotten city". With the political message the concert brings, Geldorf could just as easily chose DC or NYC. We have a very mixed line-up that displays the great diversity in our city, not to mention the young crowd that P-Diddy, 50, and Jay-Z will bring to support the cause. That being said, it would be a crime if The Roots don't play, and with the Stones in the area it would make sense for them to show up. Finally, the almighty Pearl Jam should be jumping all over this cause (only so i can rock out)

That Dude from Philly
Posted 05/31/2005 05:52:45 PM

Shouldn't Philly's own Silvertide get to play?

Posted 05/31/2005 06:19:12 PM

Wow! Did we get the shaft or what compared to the lineup in London? To even things out a bit, we would need: Peter Gabriel Santana Talking Heads (not just David Byrne) Buddy Guy Elvis Costello & The Attractions That would be a good start. And please, for the love of God, no Sting! This is just the sort of vehicle he would use to demonstrate what a swell guy he is.

Posted 05/31/2005 06:24:29 PM

Why don't we go thru all the types of music that represent America? Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, even country. Would love to see the Killers, Velvet revolver. Wouldn't it be nice to bring back from the dead - Journey. Hey Axle - once more with feeling..Even thug luv could give philly a more peaceful name. Dreams and fantasies, but it all will probably just be one big, massive traffic jam.

Citizen Mom
Posted 05/31/2005 06:41:44 PM

I'm more concerned about how the city is going to handle this concert on July 2nd, then Elton John on July 4th. Isn't that also on the Parkway? Seriously, I love my Philly and all, but let's remember that this is the same city that couldn't replace a bunch of lightbulbs on Boathouse Row without effin' the whole thing up.

Luke Spencer
Posted 05/31/2005 07:06:56 PM

I'd like to see Springsteen, especially since he was not at the original - same goes for Billy Joel. It is a rather weak line up compared to the concert in London - hope more American band sign up for it.

Connie Ashenfelder
Posted 05/31/2005 07:55:28 PM

Of course Hall & Oates are a requirement at a concert such as this! And seeing Mick Jagger wouldn't hurt either! What are they thinking with the line up for this event? Uggghhhh....P-Diddy can only think of himself as far as I can tell. The Parkway can't even handle the 4th of July festivities! What's wrong with the Linc for July 2nd? It has nearly the capcity of JFK in its prime!

Posted 05/31/2005 10:04:54 PM

A free, live concert on the BF Parkway,..full of rap acts. Oh boy,..this has "riot" written all over it! :(

Posted 05/31/2005 10:22:11 PM

i heard on the radio today that velvet revolver was confirmed to play. and i too think that philly's rocking youth should definitely be given a chance to rock out in front of the entire world - the school of rock HAS to be on the lineup! i'd like to see the strokes too. from what i'm told, they got their start down here in the philly scene. if they're not on tour that is.

That Dude from Philly
Posted 05/31/2005 10:44:32 PM

"too think that philly's rocking youth should definitely be given a chance to rock out in front of the entire world" Again then how does Silvertide not get an invite?

Trip Fontaine
Posted 06/01/2005 10:24:41 AM

Don't give up Philly, we are talking about Sixers here! I was at the Philadelphia press conference yesterday and distinctly heard Larry Magid (Live 8 US promoter and president of Electric Factory Concerts) say "The U.S. line up will be significant, if not more significant" than London’s. Magid also mentioned that there are 15-18 slots to be filled, of which only 11 have been announced. Our sources at hear persistent rumors of announcements soon to come from Rolling Stones and Black Eyed Peas. When asked by WMMR’s Pierre Robert about whether the original artists had been asked to return, Magid did not deny that this was so. So don’t be surprised when you hear George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers and Robert Plant stepping up to the plate soon. You heard it here first! Also mentioned by Kevin Wall (Executive Producer Live 8 Global Broadcast) is that the Philly event would be shorter than last time, with the concert to only be 6 hours long from noon until 6pm. So be proud Philly! If it wasn’t for Mayor Street and Larry Magid you would all be schlepping up to New York or D.C. because we nearly lost it!

philly girl
Posted 06/01/2005 01:42:59 PM

I hope Pearl Jam is added. I also would like to see Darren Hayes (from Savage Garden) come and perform "Spin." It really embodies the feel of the whole concert.

Karen M
Posted 06/01/2005 06:30:03 PM

They Might Be Giants

Posted 06/02/2005 01:08:59 PM

Springsteen Audioslave Beck Foo Fighters Kierstin Gray

Posted 06/06/2005 03:42:36 AM

Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Plant & Page, Bob Seger, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Springsteen, The Stones, etc. I would absolutely go if just 2 of those bands showed up. I like Bon Jovie, and Dave Matthews is alright. I cant listen to that other junk. And who the hell ever heard of the Kaiser Chiefs? Just a terrible lineup.

Posted 06/06/2005 11:55:57 AM

Bearing in mind that the lineup pretty much needs to be "A-list"/well-known performers (oh yeah, why the hell are the Kaiser Chiefs there?) -- I'd say we need Outkast, Alicia Keys, John Legend, The Black Eyed Peas, John Mayer, Destiny's Child, Prince, Gwen Stefani. To me, those are obvious why aren't they lined up yet? They should also replace Diddy (he is SO over) with Kanye West and throw in The Roots and G. Love since they're local and good. I'm down with rap (as you can see above), but I think the lineup is already a little rap-heavy. I wish we could sprinkle in some more diversity, but I understand where the organizers are coming from...rap sells these days, especially here in the US.

daniel rubin
Posted 06/08/2005 10:40:34 AM

WERE YOU AT THE ORIGINAL LIVE AID? Inquirer reporter David Hiltbrand is looking for concert-goers to talk to.

Posted 06/08/2005 05:14:44 PM

Simple minds should in my opinion still be allowed to do live 8 purley due to the fact of thier endless efforts for amnesty international, Alot of there songs send a political message. Also i'd love to see sting who also has a political background with springsteen u2.

Posted 06/10/2005 06:16:27 PM

What about CREAM. They just reformed in England for 4 shows, and quite frankly would blow just about every band playing and mentioned off the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daniel rubin
Posted 06/10/2005 06:20:47 PM

that's a great suggestion!

Posted 06/10/2005 06:34:12 PM

Clapton or Cream, Springsteen only with E Street, maybe the Who, Aerosmith, The Band The Eagles, Prince, The Police, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, How's that for a show. If Cream reformed let them close the show!! Cause they would steal it for sure.

Posted 06/14/2005 10:55:16 AM


Posted 06/14/2005 06:19:10 PM

Pearl Jam Springsteen Van Morrison? I mean come on, this line up is lacking in terms of the no brainers...although that van morrison would be a stretch...but very awesome.

Posted 06/14/2005 07:32:25 PM

Agrees with philly girl about how appopriate it would be to have Darren Hayes singing Spin "No money left in Africa Starvin' to death In Bosnia we close our eyes and hide a nation cries And In the West TV Possessed and weight obsessed The media dissects, infects We think real life is reality TV"

Posted 06/15/2005 12:19:54 AM

"Governments elected, nobody votes..." So right. If I had a vote, it would be for Darren Hayes.

Posted 06/15/2005 12:27:27 AM

u2 coldplay green day DARREN HAYES (i love to this man) pearl jam

Posted 06/15/2005 05:36:02 AM

Agrees with Maria and Philly girl about Darren Hayes performing Spin :) How appropriate would this song be!? He's a wonderful performer :D

Posted 06/15/2005 07:04:56 AM

I think Darren Hayes' 'Spin' would be a fantastic theme for the whole event! "You're an intellect and nobody votes Politically correct it is not a joke We censor music then give children guns I'm seeing in Still frightened to death of Jerusalem Four letter decease still makes us run Can't comprehend that you can die from love"

Posted 06/15/2005 04:51:31 PM

Eagles, Pearl Jam, Better than Ezra, The Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Black Crows, the Counting Crowes, Train, There are so many. Lets get em all and have a nonstop concert for 3 days. It would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 06/16/2005 07:40:58 PM

Bands that I would love to see reform for live 8 in philly but never will: genesis, the smiths, police, styx, gnr, asia, clash, dokken... Bands that could reform for it but probably won't: vh (with dlr or hagar), bad company, eagles (this is in philly, after all), hooters... One things for sure, this line-up in philly needs at least one or two more big names if it's even going to come close to the line-up in london..

Posted 06/17/2005 01:58:48 PM

I'd Love to play & sing "Mart-Face" at Live 8 Philly. Tigress (ASCAP) Download clips from "Mart-Face", the Movie, & "Mart-Face" Muse-ique Video, at Let the Muse-ique Video download fully first; then, play. Thanks. God bless. Lez

Posted 06/19/2005 06:33:47 PM

Why the indifference in philadelphia? it's all happening in London! It's Bush that needs the political pressure as Blair's already on board and pushing, but the USA seems not to care.

April G.
Posted 06/20/2005 02:56:07 PM

A.F.I John Mayer Thursday Incubus

April G.
Posted 06/20/2005 02:57:00 PM

A.F.I John Mayer Thursday Incubus

April G.
Posted 06/20/2005 02:58:31 PM

A.F.I. John Mayer Thursay Jimmy Eat World

Posted 06/20/2005 03:30:01 PM

AEROSMITH has to be there. Kick ass time.

Posted 06/22/2005 06:15:43 PM

simple of the biggest live band of the eighties and in my opinion of all times...............W W W jim kerrrrrr

Posted 06/26/2005 01:02:03 AM

Peal Jam, Stones, Clapton, Wailers, Roots, Beaties, Beck, and get Phish to play one last set. We have to do something. London has PINK FLOYD! It would be insane if they found Syd Barrett and he sat in for Astronomy Domine.

Rob Lukens
Posted 06/27/2005 03:50:26 PM

Pearl Jam Green Day John Hiatt JJ Cale Harry Kalas

Brian Yang
Posted 06/30/2005 09:40:03 AM

Geldof must be losing it. No Hall & Oates in Philly??????? I refuse to watch, as good as a cause it's for.

Vickie M
Posted 07/01/2005 05:14:35 AM

Yep, agree with the others - Darren Hayes singing Spin would be wonderful....perfect.

Posted 07/02/2005 11:20:12 AM

Simple Minds!! Why are they not playing today!

chris a
Posted 07/02/2005 02:57:33 PM

No Simple minds. That is a damn shame. the best live band ever they are more political than U2 and Geldof put together.

chris a
Posted 07/02/2005 02:58:32 PM

No Simple minds. That is a damn shame. the best live band ever they are more political than U2 and Geldof put together.

dan m
Posted 07/02/2005 10:05:31 PM

i think they should have had Oasis there that would have being amazing to see the crowd in England go crazy for them they should have also had Radiohead and they should have had a Nirvana reunion with micheal stipe(since he was really good friends with kurt Cobain)singing that would have stolen the show that would have being the biggest thing to happen if it did.

Posted 07/04/2005 07:31:56 AM

Seen simple minds this year and i'll tell ya that they put these teen bands to shame, they never stop running around the stage and jim has such a fantastic voice..UNBERLIEVABLE. SIMPLE MINDS THE GREATEST ROCK OUTFIT THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN & HEARD!

jim kerr
Posted 07/04/2005 07:33:46 AM

Thank you all who commented on my group "simple minds" from jim.