Deep Throat Revealed

I don't know why it took an online story in the Washington Post this afternoon to confirm this for me, but it did.

W. Mark Felt was Deep Throat.  050531_deepthroat_vsmall10avmedium

The news broke this morning, ending a favorite national guessing game. Here's a link to the Vanity Fair piece in which the 91-year-old former FBI associate director fesses up.

But with folks starting to doubt Felt's recall or his motives, it was to my relief that Ben Bradlee, the Post's executive editor during Watergate, stepped in the put the matter to rest:  "The number-two guy at the FBI, that was a pretty good source," Bradlee told reporters at his old paper. "I knew the paper was on the right track."  The "quality of the source" and the soundness of his guidance made Bradlee sure of that, he said.

Since then, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, themselves, have said what they'd said they'd never say until Deep Throat died.

What mysteries are left?

Not so pleased are Pat Buchanan, the former Nixon speechwriter, who told the New York Times that Felt acted "treacherously." Or Eileen McNamara, columnist in the Boston Globe, who cannot overlook Felt's conviction, since pardoned, for ordering illegal wiretaps of The Weather Underground.

Chuck Colson, former chief counsel to Nixon, twisted the knife this way: "Mark first served this country with honor, and I can’t imagine how Mark Felt was sneaking in dark alleys leaving messages under flower pots and violating his oath to keep this nation’s secrets. I cannot compute that with the Mark Felt that I know," Colson said in an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press.

Which makes the folks at the Corrente blog lick their lips.

"As many know, Colson's career has had a lucrative (and lachrymose) second act as a "born-again Christian." Fewer might recall that his conversion came about after the Watergate-induced shattering of his earlier lucrative career as self-described "hatchet man" who "would walk over my grandmother for Nixon."

That Dude from Philly
Posted 05/31/2005 10:42:25 PM

Here's one nobody ever quite envisioned: Deep Throat might have been at the head of a right-wing conspiracy against Richard Nixon. This idea will be given added currency by Mark Levin's amazing discovery of Reagan's clemency pardon for Felt.

D Melanogaster
Posted 06/01/2005 12:25:29 PM

Oh give me a break about right-wing conspiracy. All I care about is that no one these days seems to give a rat's a** what the current administration is doing behind closed doors. Investigative reporters have been burnt so many times now, they're all sitting at home hoping to be assigned to the Paris Hilton wedding. Bread and circuses, folks. It worked for Caligula, and it's working for Bush.

Posted 06/01/2005 07:02:17 PM

I can't find anything from Woodward and Bernstein, are they keeping quiet?

Posted 06/24/2005 03:17:30 AM

Must agree. Bush's administration makes Nixon's look ike a bunch of choir boys. Apathy towards cheating in general and the uninformed assumption that they are cheating on our behalf is partly responsible for this.