He Moonwalks!

Michael_jackson There is a verdict. Not guilty on all counts. Michael Jackson moonwalks.

We just watched the show, or listened to it on CNN. After the second not guilty, on a felony count that newsroom wags felt would tip which way the case was to go, Annette John-Hall started making these little noises, hands on her hips, walking backward: "do, do, DO, do."

Billie Jean is not my lover, indeed.

He walks. Not guilty, not guilty, not guilty. All the way.  "I'm afraid he's going to celebrate by seeing the plastic surgeon," a cynic mused. "He's going to have a big sleepover," said another. When the jury refused to find MJ guilty of pouring Jesus Juice to loosen up his young visitor, it became clear they didn't buy the case at all.

So, Wacko Jacko can go back to being famous, his full-time profession since he last made a spectacular song sometime in the last century. Meanwhile, what could celebrate the moment better than watching as Triumph the Insult Comic  Dog visits the crowd outside the courtroom, asking just what is up with them.

Barry Mitchell
Posted 06/13/2005 09:02:02 PM

my Blinq headline would be... "He Beat It". Or maybe "And Michael Jackson's Not Guilty Replaces Pope's Catholic". Either way I'm sooo glad. He would have lasted maybe 10 seconds in jail. Still remember him from the Andy Williams show. Such a cute little kid. What the blank happened to him??? That's all I got. Waddya expect from a guy that sells beaver for a living in June. Sheared of course.

Posted 06/13/2005 10:11:08 PM

And somewhere, that other public pariah/smacked ass, OJ,..is laughing his ass off!

Vin S
Posted 06/15/2005 08:33:19 AM

Contrary to what most believe I think this will actually help boost Michael Jackson into selling records again. Hearing Michael Jackson about 100 times a day will remind people of the former legend and potentially sell more records when and if his next album is released. Martha Stewart just months after her release from prison was signed to a multi-million dollar Sirius radio contract, and the publicity from her case helped her emensly. I believe Michael Jackson's story will mimic hers.

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