Anti-BIO 2005

Sleeper21 The city's donning white lab coats and spit-shining taxi cabs to prepare for a mega-biotech conference at the Convention Center.

And welcoming legions of protesters as well.

As well as those protesting the protesters - an orderly disruption by pro-capitalist skateboarders. We'll need scorecards.

Web sites and blogs suggest the trade's biggest annual show will attract a broad swath of people unhappy with Frankenfood, vivisection, bio-weapons, genetic-engineering, etc...

Protesters plan several days of rallies, teaching moments, picnics, bike rides, soccer games and street theater across the city.

Saturday, is the Reclaim the Commons Festival at Clark Park, at 43rd and Baltimore in West Philly. Live music, free food, plant give-aways, puppetry planned.

A call to action for Tuesday June 21, reads: As biotech corporations suck resources out of our communities, leaving us sick and impoverished, and spread Terminator seeds, Frankenfoods, pesticides, Roundup Ready crops, bio-weapons labs and killer drugs like cancers around the world, join us to plant seeds to rebuild our communities and cultivate health, peace, justice, freedom and sustainability.

That's also Emerica's Go Skateboarding Day.

Counter-conference events begin today in anticipation of the four-day BIO 2005 meeting, which starts on Sunday.

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