Britney Spears, Queen of Viruses

Britney You're nobody until they make a virus in your name.

Panda Software has ranked the most popular "celebrity viruses" -- computer infections hidden inside emails that promise news or naked pictures of someone famous.

The winner? Britney Spears whose name has been used in most attacks over the last few years, Panda says.

Bill Gates comes next, and the Microsoft owner is followed by two alluring ladies, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. No. 5? Osama Bin Laden. News, not pictures, interest people in the guys, we hope.

Following the most-wanted terrorist is Michael Jackson, the king of pop who made news twice recently - by being found not-guilty of molesting a young visitor to Neverland, and by being the subject of what Panda calls "malware."

That's an email - in this case a false story about Jacko's purported suicide attempt - that links to a Web site that installs a Trojan program called Downloader.DBR, which in turn downloads an information-eating computer worm.

Rounding out the top ten: Bill Clinton, Anna Kournikova, Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson.

Posted 06/20/2005 11:27:07 AM

My favorite in the paper today : Great idea. Too short though, I love hearing stories like that. My submission : "One time I was blogging, and someone visited my site. My hit counter went up Infinity percent. I thank that person, where ever they are." It didn't even get honorable mention... ;-) They remind me of that movie, Pay it Forward. Sorry for the off topic...