49-Foot Bunyans

I've got some serious dateline envy.

I'm reading Mike Gallagher's blog, TheWalk2010.com, and his latest entry was posted from Land of the Giants, California. Four months after leaving Philadelphia on foot he’s living the dream.

A few things have changed for the former IT guy from St. Joe’s U. since he walked up Second Street, hung a left on Washington Avenue and headed west, searching for something or other.

For one, he’s on two wheels now – been that way since the Mississippi. He's lightened his load, picked up a few friends, learned something about character.

His latest entries shows he's spent the his msot recent night by the redwoods, celebrating Smokey’s birthday, 49-foot Bunyans fresh in his mind. San Francisco is next - by Tuesday, latest.
He’s had 125 days of adventures, which are the subject of Monday’s column, one that inspires a little video accompaniment.