Shut Up and Drive

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One thing today's column doesn't get into is all of the research that says that having a hands-free phone doesn't eliminate the danger of driving while yakking.

Just being on the phone is risky if you're behind the wheel.

But I don't think you'll see any legislation to make up hang up altogether. Josh Shapiro says he's trying to make talking on the phone while driving safer, not illegal.

The research that finds that any talking on the phone fractures our attention comes from many university studies cited in this Los Angeles Times blog. (California went to a hands-free law as of July 1.)

The scariest result comes from Carnegie-Mellon U., whose scientists found that a cell in a car - held or hands-free - saps about 37 percent of our brain power.

Which would be a problem if we use just 10 percent of our brains anyway. But that's bogus.