Faye Flam On Man's Favorite Organ

Where was I?

Oh. Faye Flam, the Inquirer's sex columnist, science writer, and only Cal Tech grad, has put her first book, "The Score," through the Page 69 test.

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Page 69 is a blog that spins off Ford Maddox Ford's quotation that if one opens a book to page 99, "the quality of the whole will be revealed to you." Why this blog's title is 30 pages premature, this I do not know. 

Flam's scientific sampling comes in the middle of a chapter on the penis - her book is a natural history of male sexuality, and one must deal with the penis in such an inquiry, she explains.

In her setup, she tells the blogger:

Man’s favorite organ beautifully exemplifies the concept of convergent evolution. Biologists who’ve studied penises say they evolved independently in perhaps four or five different animal lineages, just as wings emerged separately in birds, insects and bats. And evolution came up with a dazzling number of engineering feats to erect them, detailed earlier in the chapter.

My page 69 starts midway through my thoughts on why the penis led Leonardo da Vinci to one of his few notable errors. He drew the penis with two urethras – perhaps unable to fathom how God could design the thing with one tube for waste disposal and creation of new life.

Then page 69 is reprinted for all to enjoy.

In general, reviews have been strong for Flam's first book. You can read what they said in Salon and Playgirl.

She got knifed a bit in Media Bistro's Galley Cat, but the reviewer used the space as if it were all about him. Wait your turn, bro. I told Faye not to worry, it's all product.