President invites Chester teacher

As I spelled out in last week's column, the cash-strapped Chester Upland School District had been anxiously awaiting Gov. Corbett's decision to release the $18 million in funding it needed to keep the schools afloat.

District teachers, who vowed to work without pay, went on national television -- including MSNBC's The Ed Show -- to make their case. Apparently, the media blitz reached all the way to the White House, because President Obama invited one of those teachers, Sara Ferguson, to sit in the First Lady's box during tonight's State of the Union address.

"...I was humbled to be able to be a representative for so many deserving students not only in my school district -- but across the nation," Ferguson, 48, a 20-year veteran of the district, told "To just be the face for those students whose voices have not been heard for so long."

Gov. Corbett hinted last week of a state takeover, but a bi-partisan group of legislators committed this week to keep Chester students in their classrooms -- for the short term, at least.