Paterno Memorial Service Tickets Sold Briefly on eBay

eBay listing for Paterno memorial ticketsFrom From the Things We Can't Make Up Dept: People were trying to sell tickets to Penn State coach Joe Paterno's memorial service on eBay.

On Tuesday morning, one seller had 71 bids for two tickets that went up to an astonishing $98,100 before -- poof! -- vanishing from the site.

A seller identified as "gopsuone" sold two tickets for $500 for 3rd Row!!!!!"  for Thursday's 2 p.m. public memorial service at Bryce Jordan Center in Happy Valley.

Another seller had two tickets, seating not specified, that sold for $400. Other offers appeared on Craigslist.

Is it just us or is selling tickets on eBay for a memorial service for a beloved icon, or anyone for that matter, the epitome of tastelessness?

Penn State President Rodney Erickson called the practice of securing tickets to the memorial service only to resell them "reprehensible."


Penn State students and alumni took to Twitter to protest the sale with the hashtag #eBaywatch.

The giant online bazaar concurred.

"eBay's event ticket resale policy does not allow the sale of tickets to events in which all tickets are free to the public," wrote spokeswoman Johnna Hoff. "In accordance with the policy, eBay will not allow the sale of tickets to Joe Paterno's memorial service."

 ---Karen Heller