One May Not Be So Lonely

Is One really the loneliest number?

Bruce Harris of Chatham in Northern New Jersey is believed to be the only gay, African-American Republican mayor in the country.

After less than one month on the job -- Harris was sworn in January 2 -- he was nominated Monday by Governor Chris Christie to New Jersey's Supreme Court.

Not bad.

By any standard, Harris has a gorgeous resume: Amherst College, Boston University MBA, graduate of Yale Law with two decades in banking, real estate and commercial-lending law.

Wealthy Chatham has a population of a little over 8,000. Probably being mayor isn't the most taxing job.

Being the only known gay, African-American, Republican mayor has its advantages. One day you're mayor of a tiny town, a few weeks later you're nominated for the state supreme court. If the Republican presidential nominee (whoever that is) wins in November, who knows what might be next for Harris?

--Karen Heller

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