What would you do?

We're all standing on our soap boxes, professing our outrage over the Jerry Sandusky child rape and molestation allegations at Penn State. And we've all showed our righteous indignation over Sandusky's claims of innocence during a telephone interview with NBC's Bob Costas Monday.

But it's easy to be idealistically self-righteous. As I note in today's column, the cold reality is that case after case of child abuse could have been stopped or prevented altogether if only an adult would have just stepped up and done the right thing.

I mentioned an horrific incident in China, where a 2-year-old girl was hit by a van and left for dead.

That's bad enough. What was worse is that at least a dozen people walked by the felled toddler and did nothing.

What would you do? No caring human being could watch the video below and still not know the answer.

As one reader stated, "I'd stand up for your child. I would hope you would stand up for mine."