A time to speak on sexuality in the black church

Today's web-surfing took me to The Root, where I read a powerful, provocative and  beautifully-written post chronicling a black gay man's experience with a predator preacher.

 Of course, no story on said topic can be written without referencing Eddie Long, the self-titled "bishop" and CEO of New Birth Missionary Baptist, the megachurch boasting 25,000 members in Lithonia, GA, just outside of Atlanta.

For the past year, Long has been embroiled in a lawsuit involving two young men who claim he coerced them into sexual relationships. From the beginning, Long has denied any wrongdoing, yet settled the suit in May for an undisclosed sum to "bring closure."

The Root's story tells a honest and deeply personal tale of a young man's lifelong struggle with his sexual idenity, all while coping with a physical disability.

When I  read the disability disclosure, I glanced at the byline. Sure enough, the author,  L. Lamar Wilson, a former copy editor at the Inquirer, is my friend. (I love when that happens.) Long's actions have rendered him "little more than a coward," Lamar wrote.

 But my pal the Ph.D. student and poet also offered up this gem: "Those of us who remain silent and look the other way as abuses of power around us persist are equally cowards." Because as freedom fighter Frederick Douglass reminded us,  "power concedes nothing without demand."