Where was the mayor's voice?


I apologized to Arlene Ackerman today after last week's damning report on the Martin Luther King High School charter selection fiasco did indeed reveal that ugly Philadelphia politics played a part in the superintendent's demise.

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Today, it seems, I need to clear things up with Mayor Nutter, too.  I wrote that Nutter was not interviewed for the fact-finding report, issued by Chief Integrity Officer Joan Markman. Well, it turns out he was, according to his spokesman. It's just that none of the details of the mayor's interview appeared in the document.

I would think whatever the mayor had to say would be important enough to be included in a fact-finding report, especially since Ackerman later accused Nutter of ignoring her appeals for help when she realized she was being undermined by her boss, Robert Archie.  I gave Nutter props for ordering the investigation, but the mayor's voice -- in the report at least -- was conspicuously silent.

Too bad.