The Downeast Maine expression "you can't get there from here," made famous in the Bert & I stories, held true Wednesday in Philadelphia's Northwest.

You can't get from here to basically anywhere, especially Center City. Kelly Drive, Lincoln Drive, West River Drive -- all you cannot drive, though a rowboat might come in handy.

So much for living on higher ground. While some places in the country are land-locked, we're water-locked.

The drive from Mt. Airy to West Philadelphia took two hours and 15 minutes, longer if you didn't have a healthy tank of gas. Sirens erupt almost every five minutes. The prevailing fear is that the soggy earth earth may cause more mature trees to fall -- the roadsides are littered with them -- even with an absence of wind.

Flooding conditions have moved indoors. The basement bailout has become the prevailing form of exercise. Who needs the gym when you can lift buckets of water in the basement?

French drains, incidentally, aren't French and they don't drain.

This morning's bucket tally: 140. 

My husband is headed to the usually soaked Northwest part of the country, Portland, Oregon, where weekend temperatures are expected to hit 95 with zero percent of rain.

Meanwhile in Northwest Philadelphia, we're flooded, wearing boots indoors, driving nowhere.

And, oh yeah, it continues to rain.

--Karen Heller

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