I'm Not Racist But...

A telling web site has managed to toss a barrel of salt into our so-called post-racial melting pot.

The racial stew has always tasted a little off to me, but NotRacistBut.com reveals just how salty it really is.

The web site's premise is brillant in its simplicity: Scan public Facebook pages for the phrase: "I'm not racist but," compile them (while blurring out the names of the authors) and with the denials actually prove just how racist the world still is.

What resulted were hundreds of pages of globally-authored, racially-offensive status updates and comments. It seemed as if whites were exempt, but every other race was fair game.

Somehow, I wasn't surprised by this little experiment. What saddened me was that very few, if any, of the folks who commented called out the authors on their racism. Maybe it's because they're not racist but....  

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