Sunday, January 25, 2015

The more things change...

So the big story of Tuesday's election, so far, is there will be no change. Check the election results.

The more things change...

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Looking at election results, refreshing every few seconds, the real story appears to be that there is no story.

All the incumbents, Mayor Nutter, City Council district and at-large candidates running for re-election are currently ahead -- with the exception of Republican at-large candidate Frank Rizzo, a prisoner of the anti-DROP sentiment.

Rizzo, conceded after 10 p.m., discovered that DROP is the election kiss of death. Also, perhaps, it didn't help that he was sometimes in Aruba missing important Council votes.

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

That's the Philadelphia way.

The only whiff of any other incumbent being in trouble is the indomitable Marge Tartaglione, who has long reminded us of one of Marge Simpson's sisters. She took DROP money and is currently running behind the anti-Marge, Yale graduate and former Haverford College math professor Stephanie Singer. With almost 52 percent of the votes tallied, both candidates -- who have no love for each other -- are trending towards having spots on the ballot in November.

However, the politically active Eighth District has yet to be counted, and perhaps all of this is subject to change. 

Then again, this is Philadelphia, where we live our history every day.

-- Karen Heller


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