More Poems for our city

After reporting the lyrical news that Philadelphia is getting its first poet laureate, most likely in the fall, some readers have submitted their odes to the city.

Poet Debra Powell-Wright hopes to launch a "We the People" petition drive to get celebrated poet, scholar and humanitarian Sonia Sanchez named the job, planning to secure 500 signatures.

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In the meantime, keep those poems coming.

Can't tell you how delightful it is to discover poetry in the inbox instead of screeds, rants and press releases, especially work that features that glorious Philadelphia honorific "hon."

Here are some offerings from Leonard Gontarek:


Night coming down,

the way a waitress calls you hon


The Word Will End At Midnight he warned

I let the dishes go.


Philadelphia slips its branches

through the dusk. The statues flake off.

It is the reason why we are sad.

Car lights intersect & disappear in

the heart. We drink the scent of tar in summer,

waiting for it to cool down. Tea we serve

to our guests, so cold it makes the head ache.

God is beside himself. Pacing. Jealous.

Two cigarettes going. Picks up the phone.

Drops it in the cradle. Sunset is a beautiful

shipwreck, flaming, the breakage overcomes

the taped sounds of crickets, crows.

Office towers doused erratically with light.

At night, when nothing grows.

-- Leonard Gontarek

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