A poet for our town

New Jersey has been home to many great poets: Camden's Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg, William Carlos Williams, Bruce Springsteen.

Philadelphia is home to many fine poets, and now the city is going to designate a poet laureate as I note in today's column.

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Will the poet, who may named in the fall, write sonnets to Cliff Lee's magnificent pitching style, his left leg aloft in the air? Or perhaps some doggerel about the business privilege tax?

Reader Anthony Nannetti sent in this poem about crime in Philadelphia:

  "Red Zone, U.S.A."

 "I believe the fact that we are a country at war has something to do with the attitude of people in the street."

Mayor John F. Street, Philadelphia Daily News, Jan. 18, 2007 


Puddles in the streets at dawn

although it didn’t rain at all last night.

The city, spent from its evening spree,

is sweating blood

and sprouting shells in chalk-drawn circles,

where kids count rounds instead of sheep

and fall awake instead of sleep.

  ----Anthony Nannetti 

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