Still Birthers

Well, the White House has released President Obama's "iong-form" birth certificate, which sounds like a portion of the SAT.

Why did the president's team cave to the far-right hysteria of fools like D----- T----? (I took a pledge not to write about the media hog, as others did earlier this year about S---- P----.)

The President demeans himself by listening to such foolishness. He's allowing the craziness of the extreme right to set the agenda. 

John McCain was actually born outside the United States and, by outside, I don't mean Hawaii but Panama. But no one goes around getting upset about that. McCain's father was a Navy admiral and stationed there at the time of his birth. He is an American. So, too, is Obama. Case closed.

Why do people who exhibit the worst behavior get to set the agenda? It's like the unhinged uncle at a family reunion who dominates the festivities.

We have far more important issues to discuss. Like the economy. And the deficit. And wars. The pension crisis. Even the royal wedding is preferable to this.

--Karen Heller