Is it easier for a camel to pass through the door of a frat?

Some mornings, you read the paper and there's a headline that grabs you, one you thought you might never read. Today's winner: "Penn frat cleared of camel abuse." You can read Sam Wood's report here.

Boys, of course, will be boys. And what's a frat without a few pranks, especially once spring blooms? So the inventive folks at Zeta Psi brought a 5-year camel in from the Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo in Bucks County for Spring Fling.

A post-doctoral fellow at the medical school complained about the scene, saying "There was loud music and drunk college students everywhere."

We're shocked, genuinely shocked. 

The university's Office of Student Life determined that the camel had not been mishandled. For what's it worth, a camel was once brought into the Inquirer's newsroom. And certainly camels were aesthetically abused for appearing in Sex and the City 2, among the vilest movie of the last couple years.  

"If this camel were upset" with being at the party Friday or being around the students, Peaceable Kingdom's owner Charis Matey said, "he would be growling and kicking and spitting, not laying down."

So now we know how an angry camel behaves. Learn something every day.

--Karen Heller

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