The South rises again (baking division)

Tasty Baking is as inherently Philadelphian as it is orthographically challenged, known for its Butterscotch Krimpets and Kandy Kakes. They’re tasty, sure, but with spelling so wifty and challenged as to make your third-grade teacher cringe.

 Now, Flowers Foods of Thomasville, Georgia is purchasing the iconic Philly company for $34.4 million in cash

Flowers owns multiple baking lines, the best known being Sunbeam, the yellowish bread that crushes to the size of a peanut if you merely look at it. The company also owns Mrs. Freshley’s. Don’t know the product, but love the name, like out of some 1960s sitcom.

While the troubled baking company has already decamped to South Philadelphia’s Naval Yard, does the Southern ownership mean that we may soon seen a Dixie-influence to the product line. Could peanut or praline Kreamies be in our future?


--Karen Heller