Double Failure Doomed Reid

Andy Reid hasn't been able to get him team to play a complete game this season. (David Maialaetti/Staff Photographer)

The fans organizing an October Revolution to oust Andy Reid are missing what has already gone down.

What will get Reid out at the end of this season happened Sunday --- the Eagles' gutless failure to replace the craven Phillies as the town's darlings. Now both of them are shown to be losers. The Eagles squandered an opportunity to take back the town, which almost certainly means Reid is gone.

The jealousy the Eagles feel over the Phillies' success can not be over-estimated. The only reason they went all out to sign free agents this summer was because the Phillies were looking like World Series favorites in August. The Birds' Big Shots are bitterly jealous. They had a shot to emerge from the Phillies' abject failure as the town's leading franchise and it was wasted in a blizzard of turnovers in Buffalo.

Only a strong playoff run can save Reid now.

How likely is that? To get to 10-6, the tattered Birds would have to win nine of the final 11. To sneak in at 9-7 would take an 8 of 11 final surge. Right now, that's as likely as Ryan Howard stroking a game-tying homer in the bottom of ninth last Friday.

When will the fans start singing "Bye, bye Andy," and calling for Vince Young as the starting QB? How about Sunday.