The Cheeseburger goes the low comedy route

Andy Reid is hilarious. Catch his new standup act at a comedy club near you! Failing rapidly as a head coach, the soon-to-be ex-coach is branching out into a whole new career! Can tap dancing and juggling be far behind?

The possibilities for thigh-slapping Andy humor are endless:  Why are the Phillies and the Eagles the same?  Neither one of them can hit!  Ta dah! 


Feel free to add your own.  It's a game everybody can play.

But the laughs and fancy patter are just a sad attempt to divert attention away from the little man behind the curtain.  The wizard's latest creation is on full display -- the Birds have lost five straight games at home, seven of their last eight overall, and the one team they've beaten is 0-4.

The Eagles have hit the bottom. They're a public disgrace.  And no amount of tap dancing by their frantic head coach can disguise that.