Welcome to State College, Eagles fans!

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Welcome to the club, Eagles fans.

Now you know how Penn State fans have felt for the last 13 years — the problem is the coach and he’s untouchable.

Venting your spleen against Andy Reid may be fun and internally satisfying, but it doesn’t change a damm thing in the real world.  He’s welded into his seat.


BUILDING A TRADITION: The shoddy loss to the under-manned Giants on Sunday shouldn’t really have surprised anyone. Losing the home opener is an Andy Reid staple. This was the ninth home-opener loss in Reid’s 13 seasons, including the last three straight and four of the last five.

If you’re keeping score at home that’s a loss to Arizona in 1999, a loss to the Giants to welcome the 2000s, a loss to St. Louis (‘01), a win over Dallas (‘02), a loss to Tampa Bay (‘03), a win over the Giants (‘04) followed by a win over San Francisco (‘05), a loss to the Giants (‘06), a loss to the Redskins (‘07), a win over the Rams (‘08), a loss to New Orleans (‘09), a loss to Green Bay (‘10) and the odoriferous loss on Sunday.

Are we having fun yet?

GUEST COMMENTATOR: Former colleague Nick Fierro, now with The Morning Call in Allentown, had a wonderful assessment of the Birds’ stinker in Monday’s paper.

“Bewildering defensive play, suspect preparation, unfathomable decision-making and awful game-day adjustments have landed perhaps the most talented collection of players in Eagles' franchise history in the NFC East basement after just three games.”

Lay it on ‘em, Nicco.

JUST WONDERING: Nnamdi Asomugha was the league’s best cover corner — a lock down corner — for eight years in Oakland’s man-to-man coverage. So why are the Eagles playing him in a zone where he looks lost?

FUNNY STUFF from former colleague Tim Panaccio, now tossing off barbs for Comcast: “Andy Reid's presser [Sunday] was shorter than Detroit's 5-min PP vs. #flyers on Fri night.”

FUNNY BASEBALL STAT: The Red Sox are 2-18 this month when they don't score 12 runs or more. (Courtesy of SI.com’s Peter King).

WARNING TO OWLS FANS: Temple will need to watch out for Toledo this Saturday. The Owls are coming off two of the most emotional games in their history — from both ends of the spectrum — while Toledo slinks into town a soft-looking 1-3.

But the Rockets have lost to Ohio State (27-22 in Columbus!), high-flying Boise State and in a massive controversy last Saturday at Syracuse, where an official admitted he blew a call that handed Toledo a 33-30 loss in OT.

If ever a team came to town slobbering for revenge, this is it. And it will be impossible for Temple to re-create the emotional high it had for both Penn State and Maryland.

This has all the makings of a serious upset, and will challenge Steve Addazio’s coaching skills.

And yes, Penn State fans still remember the 24-6 embarrassment Toledo laid on ‘em in Beaver Stadium in 2000.  It was one of the first cracks in Paterno’s aura.

QUOTABLE. Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka on Michael Vick’s claim that officials don’t protect him the way they protect other QBs.

“I understand his frustration,” Kiwanuka told the Star-Ledger of Newark. “Nobody wants to get hit that many times. I just feel like if you’re going to be the kind of guy who’s going to tuck the ball and run, once you put the ball away, they can’t protect you as a quarterback anymore. You give that right up. If he’s going to stay in the pocket and just pass the ball, then he’d have an argument. But once you put that ball away … “

THE ULTIMATE INSULT: A new billboard will go up near iconic Lambeau Field on Tuesday to warn Green Bay Packer fans about the potentially fatal health risks associated with eating too much cheese.

(Yes, they’re telling Cheesehead denizens of the Dairy State to stop eating so much cheese. No, I am not making this up.)

Sponsored by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the sign shows the Grim Reaper wearing a cheesehead hat with the message: "Warning: Cheese Can Sack Your Health. Fat. Cholesterol. Sodium."

The nonprofit group, which promotes a vegan diet and has a history of provocative food campaigns, sent a letter to Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt asking him to require warning labels on all high-fat, cheesy food at Lambeau.

The stadium’s dairy-rich menu includes cheese curds and Cheesehead soup, which is a cheddar cheese soup made with beer and topped with more cheese.

Shockingly, the mayor dismissed the idea.

I’ve got news for the nice people who planned this campaign:  it is the inalienable right of American males to attend violent sporting events and to destroy their bodies with cholesterol, fat, salt and alcohol while doing so.

And if American women want to act like imbeciles, too, we welcome their company!

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