The Wind that Shakes out Carly

Thoroughly enjoyed Randy Jackson's explanation of why the would-be Idols had all sounded so measly and overwhelmed the night before: shows tunes have "very specific melodies". Right. It's not like pop music where you can just kind of ballpark the tune, right Randy? Dawg, that was genius - a molten hot lava bomb of an alibi for the fact that you forced them to cover the unsingable Andrew Lloyd Webber.

I also loved Ryan Seagrape's malaprop to bottomdwellers Syesha and Carly: "It's time to put these two lovely ladies out of their misery." Ah, the euthanasia strategy.

Hey Ry, we just spent two nights being tortured with Sir Andrew music. Could you put us out of our misery too?

I do feel sorry for Carly, though. Now she has to return to her demonic-looking husband. Still she's better off than David Archuleta. If he loses this thing, his father will probably chain him in the basement.

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