Not feeling the save thing

Quick thoughts. I love Kanye, and was glad to see he's gotten rid of the Lionel Ritchie hair thing he was experimenting with for the Grammy's. Looking good with the close crop, Kanye. It seems like he's still trying to figure out how to perform these 808 songs live, like he's rapping the parts he sings on the album and half singing the rest, and it was kind of funny, but  naturally, way more entertaining than the rest of the show. But still, you did really want to hear what Simon thought of that performance. Might have merited a Simon raised eyebrow or two for sure. More to the point, I just don't like this new judges can save a performer rule. I thought the show was moving away from gratuitous cruelty. Poor Jasmine and Jorge. You get ousted by the vote, then sing for a last possible chance, and then rejected again. Those tears were tough to take.  Ridiculous. Kelly Clarkson is very cool and complicated, something American Idol isn't.