It's a dog's new life

Buzz Aldrin was just here for National Geographic, talking about a show called "Live From the Moon," but the afternoon's most endearing celeb is Georgia, one of the 22 fighting dogs rescued from Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vicks' kennels.

Georgia is in Beverly Hills to promote the two-hour Sept. 5 season premiere of National Geo's "Dogtown," which will focus  on the rehabilitation of Vick's dogs.

She may have been trained to fight, but she's been sleeping peacefully at the feet of trainer John Garcia, sporting a pink collar and leash, occasionally getting up to be petted and adored.

"We're working very intensively on some of her dog issues, and she's doing very well," said Garcia, who said the pit bull is "impressing me very day."

"She did have some food-guarding issues and other issues we knew we had to address right away" when she arrived at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in southern Utah," Garcia said, insisting that his mellow charge has become a "diva."

"She's totally a California girl," said Garcia, who's sharing his  Beverly Hilton room with the dog, who was most likely used to breed other fighters, her teeth removed so she wouldn't be able to bite her former handlers.

After the session, I'll admit to having joined the throngs who gathered to take turns scratching Georgia behind the ears, rubbing her tummy, patting her head.

And while I know that I've many times referred to this event as the world's largest celebrity petting zoo, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've actually done any actual petting.