Sayonara, Syesha

Unless you are a resident of Sarasota, you're probably neither surprised nor upset at last night's results: the dismissal of Syesha Mercado.

 In fact, most of America (or at least the portion that didn't tune out during this long, lackluster season) is no doubt scratching its head, wondering how the cabaret queen made it this far. I mean she was no Melinda Doolittle.

Anyway, we got the final we deserved: David vs Goliath, oops, I mean David vs David. Cook vs Archuleta.

How are you feeling about this matchup? I like both these guys and their talent. It seems to me Cook stands the better chance of having a decent career. As much as I like little David's tone, he seems to me to be the second coming of Clay Aiken.

It should prove an interesting test case. If Archuleta wins, it would indicate that Idol is still a kiddie show. If Cook wins, it would seem clear that the parents have taken over the voting process.

But it's hard to call. The judges certainly seem to be pulling for Cook. That's the party line I suspect because he is seen as more commercially viable, someone who will fill the Idol coffers for many years. (All these kids are signed to iron-clad contracts.)

Don't forget, though, that the final battle contains a pretty significant hurdle every year: the song-writing contest winner which always seems to be a beyond-sappy ballad. And although Cook has shown himself to be surprisingly versatile, the sentimental anthem is right up little David's alley.

Advantage Mr. Archuleta.

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