Teenage Wasteland

Things were going pretty well on last night's American Idol until Paula made Syesha break down in tears.

Wow, I never thought that could happen. Being deeply touched by something waffle-headed Paula said? That's like being inspired by something our illustrious president improvised. Just doesn't seem possible.

But at that point the wheels fell off the show. Everyone started cross-talking. Ryan called for tissues. And everyone tried to make Randy feel bad, although his comments to Syesha had made perfect sense.

Look "A Change is Gonna Come" is one of the most splendid songs in the pop canon. But it requires a simple and sure touch. And over-the-top Syesha didn't do it justice. Which is not to say she didn't sing well. Her treatment just wasn't suitable to the material. It's a song that demands feeling, not power.

And just as the judges overpraised Syesha, they were far too tough on Jason. He brought the same loosey-goosey style to Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff" that he does to every song. (Terrible sound mix though. You couldn't hear any of the instruments, especially the horns.)

 Simon & Co., you put this guy into the finals as the stoner stalking horse, so it's a little ridiculous at this point to act disappointed that he's not more of a lounge singer.

I absolutely loved it when Simon castigated Jason, saying, "I don;t know what you were thinking." And Jason responded, "I was thinking BOB MARLEY!"
Like, come on, dude!

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