Jason, up in smoke

Jason Castro chooses Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff."

Don't you just love it when the boy stretches himself?

Randy's disappointed, Paula, too, but what does Jason care?

Simon tells him to "stand back" and then declares it "utterly atrocious."

Which it was, of course.

What I'm wondering is whether the callers who punished Carly Smithson for "Jesus Christ Superstar" will have a similar reaction to a song that is, after all, about an assault on law enforcement.

But this just in -- David Archuleta sings to his dog!

So at least we know he's allowed one friend.

His "Stand by Me," which employs the same arm gestures he uses in every single song, brings him credit for his amazing consistency, though it's that very quality that's lately had me wondering if Little David isn't really a well-oiled robot.

"Their faces scare me" he says of the judges afterward, and I can't help thinking that theirs aren't the only faces that scare the boy.