I Am I Cried

Last night, a new phrase was added to the pop lexicon: To pull a Brooke. It means to weep disconsolately at a foregone conclusion as if some vast and unimaginable tragedy has just occured.

Has anyone ever sobbed as hard as Brooke White did when she was jettisoned from Idol? Why was she so devastated? Did she really imagine she was going to win this thing? She lasted a good four weeks longer than she deserved to. So why the flood?

Now we'ere left with the mysterious and baffling persistence of Syesha Mercado. This girl is on the wrong reality show. She's a survivor.

The only explanation I can offer for why she remains in the running week after week is that, as I explained on my private blog yesterday, she is the new Marilyn McCoo. And I guess a lot of people want to ride in her beautiful balloon. But enough.

It's been a strange season for Idol. I can't remember a year when the favorites (the Davids) emerged so clearly and so early in the competition. The last couple of months have just been a tedious wood chopping exercise...,with a ghastly soundtrack.

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