Three-Card Ryan

How about that shell game last night? First Ryan Seasurge splits the kids into two groups with David Archuleta as the tie-breaker. Obviously whichever side of the stage Archuleta goes to is the safe side.

Then at the very last minute, Seabunk asks David Cook and Syesha Mercado to switch places, completely shifting the balance of power.

Then Seaflush makes little Davey pick the side that he thinks is safe. What an intolerable position to put the kid in! So of course, he sat down. It was like a scene from Norma Rae. Thanks for bringing the show to a screeching halt, Ryan.

What did you think the poor kid was going to do? Doom his friends? And then it was time to say goodbye to Kristy Lee Cook. She finished seventh. That's the Sanjaya position. Now she'll never get her pony back.

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