Hello, Dolly!

What a charade!

Look these kids were so unacquainted with the Beatles that they were picking Fab Four tunes based on the song titles. So how familiar do you think they are with the music of Dolly Parton?

Let's get real. Despite their feigned and forced enthusiasm, Parton to them is at best a cartoonishly buxom country figure, the Minnie Pearl of her generation.

So last night's "Dolly Parton Special" was awful, like some amateur night at a roadhouse in Knoxville.

But those high notes on "Little Sparrow" must have really put a strain on David Cook. He was taken to the hospital afterwards with heart palpitations and high blood pressure.  Maybe it was all the pressure of having to come with his own arrangement for once, instead of ripping someone else off.

Oddly enough, you didn't hear the judges going on and on last night about how "original" he is, despite the fact that this was the first time he was actually forced to be original.

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